Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tague Alliance Brings The Agency Growth Seminar To Member Agents

Tague Alliance is always looking for ways to help our member agencies become more successful preferred independent agents!  We brought in the Agency Growth Seminar to train a number of our members in simple but effective ways to dramatically increase their revenue.  We had a great training session and look forward to seeing positive sales growth as a result of the immediately implementable ideas that were provided to the attendees.

The class size was limited to allow for good interaction and a more personal experience.

Talking shop!  The class took the agents through an agency analysis and then into solutions for growth.

How to maximize cross‐line selling by Taping the income potential of your book of business

Setting the Stage
“Most people already have the knowledge and ability to increase sales results.  What they don’t
have is the knowledge about how to put it all together, manage it and make it happen.”
Scott Channell

The Agency Growth System has four distinct features:

  • A Sales and Marketing System that generates a dependable and reliable source of new business.
  • Simplified Goal Setting
  • How to Tracking and Measure for Results
  • Staff Accountability

Problems and Challenges
Here is the reality of what you face on a daily basis: The average household owns 7.1 policies.
The average agency has a household penetration of 1.9 policies which means 5.2 policies are in some
other agency’s book of business. The numbers don’t get any better when you analyze life and
financial services. On average 1 in 12 households will purchase some form of life or financial
service from someone in the next 12 months. Over the next 7 years, statically, 100% of your book of
business will purchase life or a financial service from someone else.  It isn’t a question of “if”
they leave; it’s a question of “when.”

The problems and challenges that face insurance agencies never seem to change. Every agency has the same basic questions:

  • How can I increase New Business?
  • How can I improve Profits?
  • How can I improve Retention?
  • How can I accomplish all of this with the least amount of effort?

The Solution is Simple
Faced with limited resources and time, The Agency Growth System provides an agency with
ready‐to‐deploy field proven sales and marketing strategies where much of the work is already done
for you, not by you.

  • It is low impact for the staff and the client
  • It is specifically designed to redefine the agent’s role as a Profession Insurance Advisor
  • It focuses on what I believe is our Professional Obligation and that is to ask questions, identify problems and offer realistic solutions
  • It is a systematic and dependable way of producing a steady follow of new business.

The Agency Growth System Workshop

The participants will leave the workshop with a customized “Game Plan”, for their specific agency,
that can be immediately implemented and produce measurable results in days not weeks or months.

The Agency Growth System takes the guesswork out of increasing sales and agency profitability by
giving the agency a unified approach to establishing an Agency Sales Culture based on simple easily
implemented strategies.

The sales strategies include:

  • Policy Review / Cross‐line Selling
  • Internet Sales
  • Targeted Markets
  • Life and Financial Services

Agency Growth Systems will provide implementation assistance and coaching for 30 days. We will do
what is necessary to make you successful.

The Philosophy
The philosophy behind the Agency Growth System is simple:    “Stop selling insurance!”

"I believe our Professional Obligation is to ask questions, identify problems and offer realistic
solutions. This means providing client with advice on all of their policies regardless of who
controls them. If we can accomplish this in a professional manner, clients will give you the opportunity to provide the policies they want."  Harlan Warthen

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tague Alliance End of Summer BBQ

The Tague Alliance staff had a great time with some of our members and partner insurance companies last Friday!  Thanks to everyone who showed!

Here is a link to our Facebook page so you can check out some of the photos:

Or check out our Google+ photo page: