Thursday, December 30, 2010

Change of Plans - Tague Insurance Fan of the Week #23

Our boss told us to close the office early today, so we followed his instructions. Due to our early closing we had to change our plans for picking this week's winner. Watch the video below to see if you are the lucky Tague Insurance Fan of the Week.
Happy New Year's Eve and have a safe and fun time!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tague Alliance - Hoodie Drive for North County Solutions for Chantge

Tague Alliance is supporting North County Solutions for Change. We collected a full box of new hoodies donated by our clients, fans, staff, and insurance companies. To see the various people who donated to the cause you can visit the Tague Insurance Facebook Fan page. See how we incorporated our Fan of the Week with our Hoodie Drive.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Safety Article for your Clients!

Here is a great article to share with your clients! You can incorporate it into a newsletter, put it in outgoing mail or give it to your clients when they walk through the door!

15 Must Know Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Let's face these days it seems like there danger in everything we do. But don't worry there are plenty of safety tips to ensure there are no mishaps this holiday season. Below is a list of things you can do to make you have a happy, accident free holiday season.

1. Make sure you buy the freshest tree possible (brittle leaves is an indicator that your tree is dry)

2. Cut off a half inch of the trunk of your tree, this will allow the tree to suck in more water

3. When choosing a spot for your tree, make sure there are no heating vents, radiators, fireplaces or used electrical outlets.

4. Make sure your tree is not blocking any exits

5. Make sure you keep candles and other sources of fire away from the tree at all times.

6. Make sure your Christmas tree lights are for indoor use and are the correct voltage. Also only buy UL lights because they are tested for safety.

7. Try to use miniature lights, they produce less heat and are more energy efficient.

8. Make sure your Christmas tree stand is secure and stable

9. Give you thirsty tree a lot of water and re-fill it everyday

10. Check all of your lights for shorts before you put them on your tree

11. Shake your tree free of dry bristles before you take it inside

12. Turn your Christmas trees off at night and when you're leaving the house

13. Keep flammable items like curtains, paper and combustibles away from your tree

14. Have a fire extinguisher nearby for those rare emergencies

15. Discard your tree right after Christmas to avoid having a dry, dead fire hazard in your house!

And remember, most of all, to have a safe, and happy holiday season!